Refuse Collection

Refuse collections are made on a Monday together with the collection of recycling. If you have a large item to dispose of please inform the council who will arrange for collection (they may charge for this service)

There is a recycling centre where you can take rubbish to in Townmead Road, Richmond, TW9 4EL. A link to the councils website is available by clicking here.

TV & Satellite

Our TV & Satellite system was installed in 2009 and gives all flats access to digital TV & Sky Satellite services including Sky +.

Residents are not allowed to install there own equipment, however if you need extra ariel points please contact Ward Aerials on 020 8368 0077, please also let Farrar's (our managing agents know)


Throughout the external common parts, adequate lighting is very important to ensure as far as possible that residents and visitors feel safe and secure. If you notice a light out, please contact us so we can arrange for a swift repair. We will of course note any faulty fittings / blown bulbs on our regular inspections.

Bicycle Storage

There is extensive bicycle storage in the courtyard and Northwing, providing a covered secure place to keep your bike. All bikes must be kept in these areas or inside your flat if that is your preference