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Annual General Meeting 2014

Please note the that the Annual General Meeting for Carmichael Court Freehold Limited will take place on:

23rd of September 2014

The Geronimo Room
Bulls Head 
373 Lonsdale Rd
London SW13 9PY


Annual General Meeting 2012


Annual General Meeting 2011

10 AUGUST 2011

Those Present:

Mr Clarke & Ms Deane Flat 15
Ms Foster (Director) Flat 21
Mr McNeilly (Director) Flat 25
Mr Hine (Director) Flat 9
Mr Chapman Flat 19
Mr Hargreaves Flat 16 & 35
Mrs Edwards Flat 40
Mr Harvey-George (Director) Flat 49
Mr Frings Flat 3
Mr Baddeley Flat 5
Mrs Keen Flat 1
Mr Robinson & Ms Tischendorf Flat 17
Mr & Mrs Stevens Flat 20

Mr J Starkey - Farrar Property Management (Company Secretary)

By Proxy

Ms Laborda Flat 18
Ms Brandreth Flat 36

Both proxies voted for the elected Chairman to act on their behalf.

To receive and adopt the Report and Audited Accounts for the year ended September 2010.

Various questions were asked and answers provided on various parts of the accounts.

It was noted that the amount shown as debtors were not actually amounts owed by leaseholders. It was noted that the arrears situation was being well managed by Farrar Property Management.

Clarification was provided about the amount held in reserve by the company and what interest it was earning. It was also to be noted that once the mobile phone mast income was finished, service charges would have to be increased accordingly.

It was noted that no service charge accounts were provided. The accountants had not provided these before the meeting. A document was circulated showing expenditure to date and that the surplus would again be put into the reserves.

There being no further questions a vote was taken and it was agreed to adopt the accounts.

To elect a Chairman

As Mr McNeilly was the only current Director it was agreed that he should remain as Chairman.

To re-elect Mr McNeilly, Ms Foster, Mr Harvey-George as a Director

It was agreed to re elect all 3 as Directors.

No other Directors wished to stand.

It was formally noted that Mr Gormley had resigned during the course of the year.

To re-appoint C.N Wilkins as Auditor of the Company and to authorise the Directors to fix the Auditors remuneration.

The re-appointment was agreed.

Any Other Business.

The decision to install gates to various parts of Carmichael Court was discussed. It was noted that this had been discussed at length at the last EGM and Farrar Property Management are now to issue the relevant consultation notices.

It was agreed that the signage to various areas of Carmichael Court would be improved shortly.

The storing of bicycles was discussed and various options proposed. It was agreed to allow the Directors to consider further options so as to ensure the best option was agreed.

It was generally felt that the overall management of the building had improved with the appointment of Farrar Property Management. A number of items were discussed and overall it was pleasing to see that communications were improving. It was agreed to try and circulate more correspondence by email where address had been provided.

The Directors confirmed they were looking into other options about raising income for the building, as and when the mobile phone masts were removed.

All leaseholders were reminded to remove items from outside their flats, which were not helping the overall appearance of the property. Furthermore all flammable items including BBQ's were to be removed.

2014 Christmas Party will be held on the 5th December 2014 in the Courtyard, please bring a bottle and/or food. More the merrier.